Denodo Data Virtualization Pilot (Harvest Energy Corp. - 2018)


My role, as a Solutions Architect and Canadian Oil & Gas data specialist, was to design and implement a pilot project to evaluate Denodo Data Virtualization Server .as part of a BI / Data Governance initiative at Harvest Energy. The approach required the development of a number of business and technical test cases which would highlight a few common data governance and data analysis tasks, as well as tasks not currently available within the IT service catalog.


Challenges:  Data Virtualization was a relatively new concept for the business users, and data governance is an IT service that is difficult to attach concrete business value to in a small to medium sized company. In order to promote a more self-serve environment, a lot of the test cases relied heavily of the Data Catalog features, which is a fairly new feature within Denodo.


Primary Accomplishment: The proposal is currently under evaluation. The documentation generated has forced the company to take a step back and consider developing a more formal Data Governance policy to take full advantage of the Data Virtualization platform.

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