Production Monitoring Data Warehouse (Harvest Energy Corp. - 2018)


My role, as a Solutions Architect and Database Developer, was to design and implement a replacement for an existing Daily Production and Budget Monitoring Report. The new report needed to be sourced from an internally hosted Oracle Data Mart, consisting of Production data from 3 different sources (P2 Qbyte Financial, Ultimus Budget System, CGI PVR Estimates).


Challenges:  The current report was built in Excel, and was manually refreshed (cut and paste) every morning.  The process had evolved in complexity and scope over time, and was very time consuming to maintain, especially at the beginning of every month and year. The PVR data source was developed by the a CGI resource and the project required a lot of co-ordination and planning in order to deliver a cohesive design.


Primary Accomplishment: The project is currently in its testing phase and the business is evaluating it as part of a larger corporate reporting strategy.

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