Well Loader (Conoco, Acclaim, Provident, EOG, Husky - 2004)

The Well Loader (also deployed as ‘Well Finder’) is an interface utility that facilitates the updating and loading of public data into a Land System. It is an Access front-end accessing an Oracle back-end.  It has the ability to automatically update specific columns, or require updates to receive manual assessment of a column’s values.  The interface displays the data discrepancies in a visual manner such that columns requiring manual intervention and those being updated are easily identified. In addition to

processing and updating Public data via IPL or GDC the utility has a number of reports that leverage this Public Data against a Land System to identify public Wells that are of interest with regards to Royalty or WI Lands.


Challenges: Working with data from a complete Public Well Database in a timely manner while still maintaining some level of portability for the utility.


Primary Accomplishment:  By automating the comparison and update of public data elements within their Land systems my clients are able to reduce the work load on, if not eliminate, the well data maintenance role.  This frees up the well specialist to do more proactive and analytic tasks.





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