AEUB Well Transfer Utility (Husky, EOG, Anderson Energy - 2005)

The EUB Well Transfer Utility is an Access Database that prepares License Transfers for upload into the AEUB Well Transfer Application via their website using their proprietary XML format.  The process takes an Excel spreadsheet created from an export out of a Land System, and generates an XML text file in the format required.  It can track a number of transfers based on Transfer ID or a number of other attributes so that a transfer can be re-submitted at any time.  Audit reporting is also available to reduce the number of load errors encountered when using the AEUB Web Site.


Primary Accomplishment:  The Alberta EUB DDS web utility is cumbersome and designed for single license transfers. The ability to do batch transfers lacks the necessary mechanism that would allow you to successfully submit a batch

without at least one issue.  My utility allows my clients to quickly re-generate XML files and react to any error they may encounter as they work through hundreds of licenses they have to transfer. Generally, I can use the utility and load 500 licenses in the same time span it would take a Land Admin to manually load 50.


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