Cost Management Interface (Harvest Energy Corp. - 2016)


My role, as a Database Developer and Analyst, was to design and implement an interface for an International SAP BI system that would extract, transform, and summarize Canadian operational data.  The data required consists of actual (Qbyte) and forecast (Ultimus) amounts from proprietary internal systems, as well as numerous manual sources.  The Canadian data is transformed and rationalised into a form that meets the international reporting standards of the owner company and gives them the timely information they need to make critical decisions.


Challenges:  Transforming the Canadian operational data so that it met the requirements of the pre-existing SAP BI system but still retaining the original Canadian context for vetting purposes was an essential design element.  Integrating spreadsheet data into the process in a maintainable and efficient manner was also critical, as the time constraints put on the process demanded a quick turn-around time between when the data was updated to when the export was made available.


Primary Accomplishment: The client now has a process for aggregating all required information and generating a single output file that precisely meets the upload specs for the pre-existing SAP BI system. In addition, the client has an efficient workflow and templates that will allow them to reproduce the results on regular intervals, with minimal technical effort, and in a short period of time.


This system is currently in use and is being internally maintained.

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