Hierarchy Manager (Harvest Energy Corp. - 2014)


My role, as a Database Developer and Analyst, was to design and implement a solution for maintaining hierarchical data such that it could be applied to a number of different proprietary systems.  The types of data ranged from Alberta Strike Areas to corporate Financial Reporting Hierarchies.  The system needed to be able to relate user, location, and other types of data to any level of a hierarchy in such a way as to ensure the synchronization of core data systems.

Challenges:  Integration between Oracle and the Windows Enterprise (AD and Exchange Server) was essential in accomplishing some of the requirements like responsibility routing and notification.  The application of my NTS and DLS VirtualGrid routines allowed for location based boundary authentication and Map layer creation.

Primary Accomplishment: The client is now able to synchronize all of it's core systems, greatly reducing operational confusion and increasing the precision of executive reports.  

This system is currently in use and is being internally maintained.

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