eNote System (Harvest Energy Corp. - 2013)


My role, as a Database Developer and Analyst, was to design and implement a solution for communicating Land changes (Greensheets) to other departments in an efficient and timely manner.  The system would be required to facilitate multiple levels of review and approval as well as the subscription and distribution of this data to other business units. The final design would need to be adaptable to other data sources and data subscribers.

Challenges:  This system is an enterprise solution that requires the input from a number of business units. Historically the units have different perspectives and expectations of the data.  The requirements gathering phase and sign off phases were essential before coding began.  The long tail of the planning phases led to changes in desktop environments that needed to be quickly worked around with major tool substitutions.  The system infrastructure and basic operations needed to be scalable and dynamic such that additional ‘modules’ could be plugged in to enable new workflows to be incorporated.

Primary Accomplishment:  Due to the ease of use and transparency of the tracking data available via the system, inter-departmental communication has been streamlined and made more productive. Due to the success of this project, millions of sheets of paper have been saved every year.  

This system is currently in use and is being internally maintained.

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