Spacing/Holding Management System (PennWest / CNRL – 2009)


The Alberta Spacing and Holding Discovery and Update utility has evolved from work I’d done at a number of sites (EOG and Devon Energy), but it wasn’t until I completed the enhancements at Pennwest do I feel that the GeoWebWorks data was being used to its full potential.  In addition to automating and standardizing the calculation of DSU values for Wells using the Spacing Order information, the matching of Holding information to proprietary Mineral Files to discover situations where Holdings are in default or where the Mineral information is incomplete.  In addition to the deliverables derived out a single data import, a history is maintained such that business processes could be triggered off of events like changes in calculated DSU or inactivation of a Mineral that falls under a Holding.

Challenges (PennWest):  This utility is very portable and was designed to be plugged into different sites and  Land Systems simply by altering values within cross reference tables.  The biggest challenge in creating this utility was parsing and storing the Spacing data in such a fashion that a history could be maintained and queried upon at any time.

Challenges (CNRL): Unlike the PennWest implementation, the CNRL version needed to run within their proprietary Land Utility system (CLAIR).  Though many processes were port-able to the custom CNRL environment additional auditing and reporting requirements needed to be met.

Primary Accomplishment:  By parsing the available data and creating a framework in which to compare three dimensional data without the expense and maintenance of a full blown GIS system these clients were able to maximize the benefit they got out of the cost of the data subscription from GeoWebworks.

This system is in use at CNRL and is being internally maintained.

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