CS Explorer Data Warehousing into PPDM (Husky – 2009)


My role, as a Land Systems Specialist, was to code a number of the data transformation code modules, advise on data mapping schematics, and help troubleshoot CS related data anomalies.


Challenges:  The PPDM data model is very flexible and expansive in what it can store.  Making the simplistic and sometimes makeshift CS Explorer data fit within this model was very challenging.  The biggest challenge of this project was the conversion of the CS inclusion based Structured Rights data into a format that could be consumed by Husky’s internal GIS system.  The format had to be relatable to other internal and external Well data sources such that a meaning Well schematic could be produced to display the Land information in-line with proprietary engineering and geological data.


Primary Accomplishment:  The transformed Land data now contained in their internally managed PPDM data warehouse was now fully accessibleby their SAP and GIS systems, which allowed them to dissemintae and leverage Land information beyond the confines of the Land system. 


This system is in use and is being internally maintained.

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