Structured Rights Conversion and Implementation (Husky Energy – 2008)


This project was part of a CS Explorer version 8 deployment for Husky Energy.  The existing Structured Rights data needed to be standardized and translated such that Rights searches within CS Explorer were reliable and complete.  In addition to ensuring the data integrity within CS, the Rights data was also required to be compliant with Husky’s pre-existing systems.

Challenges:  In addition to managing and guiding the manual translation team, I was responsible for developing the metrics for gauging the success of the migration.  The challenge in this was that the only tool we had for checking our progress was the CS Explorer Right Regen utility. This tool produces a simple text log with generic errors and File references.  During the project we had to press the vendor for a number of bug fixes and at times were testing unreleased code for them.  The biggest challenge for this project was devising workarounds that would enable us to use IHS data within CS.  Formations and their ages would fit as-is in CS, but using the public data was essential for being able to use this data with other Well and Development Plan data.


Primary Accomplishment:  Using a system to its full potential is always challenging when dealing with an off-the-shelf product like CS Explorer.  By guiding them through the correct and complete implimentation of Structured Rights this client was able to get the most value out off their CSE licensing, while at the same time being more efficient and precise in using their Land System.

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