Well Offset Discovery (Conoco Phillips – 2007)


The Well Offset Discovery utility is an nightly process that leverages Land System data against a public data hub (IHS) to discover, among other things, non-proprietary Wells that may be too close to a company’s Land Rights and/or drawing from a common Pool within a specified Drilling Spacing Unit.  It is designed to do the majority of data analysis during off-peak hours and provide up to date data for its interface module. Currently, the interface module is an MS Access front end, utilizing Oracle Procedures and Objects for all data operations.  The discovery process is a set of Oracle Procedures triggered by a basic Oracle Job.

Challenges:  Performance is always an issue when querying external public data stores like IHS.  Separating the discovery process from the browsing interface was essential if we were going to allow users to drill current data in a timely manner.  With the separation of the two functions a number of server/client type checks and balances needed to exist in order to ensure that a user was never being shown partial results should a untimely refresh occur while users were in the system.  Other challenges included creating meaningful security with a front-end budget that required MS Access. Timely Grid and Structured Rights comparisons in a non-spatial environment.  Lack of a clear business process in which to model the discovery logic after as the data elements were not completely know by any one person involved.


Primary Accomplishment:  Well Offset notices can come without warning and with short compliance periods. Evaluating them manually can take a long time and can lead to different recommendations depending on the experience of the evaluator.  With this system my client was able to quickly determine which notices could be immediately disputed and which ones required a more in-depth analysis, saving countless man-hours.  Before they had the system, it was standard procedure to just pay the fee if they were not able to fully evaluate the whole package.  Now, every notice is vetted in a timely fashion and no uneccessary fees are paid.

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