PO Database (Taqa North - 2006)


The PO Database Application is a VB application distributed via Citrix Server to local desktops and field offices.  It has three separate modules.  One for data entry which is designed specifically for Operator, Field Office, and Production Accounting use.  The second is for executive reporting, and the third is for system reporting and maintenance.  All business and data integrity logic, as well as interface display data are handled via procedure calls to a PL/SQL Package. The PO Database system allows the field to quickly issue work POs while still maintaining a high level of data integrity.  The reporting components pull actual, as well as budget data together for a real-time picture of current spending. 


Primary Accomplishment:  Instead of having to spend the extra time and money to rush the deployment of  a new accounting system I was able to create a stop-gap solution that would collect the data in a compatible format within an Oracle environment so that when the final solution was eventually deployed the history and data integrity rules would already be in place. 

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