Capital Report (Primewest - 2006)


The Capital Report utility is an extract and reporting utility that allows Financial Accounting to generate a Capital Report just after month end and use the report to balance transactions against individual records.  It has two basic functionalities. It extracts all line items for the previous month end from the QBFM system and applies a number of data transformations.  The resulting data is exported into an Excel file which can be distributed amongst individual engineers, who then append and update any data that falls within their own Area.  All the Area changes are then merged into one final Master copy of the Excel export. The second component takes an Excel file with the required format and produces a number of highly formatted and summarized executive reports.  This reporting utility can be used to display the same report for either the Area data or the Executive data.


Primary Accomplishment:  With this project I was able to improve not only their data integrity, by moving them away from solely using spreadsheets, but also their workflow for aggregating the information. 

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