Gross/Net Well Reporting Utility (Acclaim, Viking Energy, Husky - 2004)

The GNW utility is a reporting utility created primarily for insurance and reserve reporting. The system has been created with an AS400 or Oracle back-end, has an MS Access front end, and currently uses the CS Explorer Land system as the source for Well information. Using a hierarchy table of well types and status, the utility translates the multi-event Well source into a gross and net count of Wells within the company.



Challenges: In order for the system to consistently identify the representative bore for


each collection of drill events a ranking matrix had to be created which would give each drill event a priority based on it's current operating state.


Primary Accomplishment:  By more accurately reporting on their well inventory my client was able to ensure that they were not subscribing to more coverage than necessary, and were able to provide their insurer all the information they required for an accurate assessment.

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