Land Area Boundary Manager Utility (CNRL - 2003)

The ABM utility is a utility based on an existing CNRL application I created for QBLM reporting and data maintenance.  This utility is enhanced in that it has an Oracle backend and VB front end.  The ABM utility allows business users to maintain a set of Location Blocks (DLS/NTS) that describe the geodetic boundaries of a business area.  Currently CNRL uses the utility to manage changes in their Area and Business Unit boundaries.  The utility also enacts changes to Land information that are dependent on these boundaries like Contact Person.  The Location Blocks are stored as continuous NW/SE blocks of land and group by business term.  The utility uses a virtual grid system to determine if a Lease falls within the defined Block.  This utility has also given CNRL the infrastructure to report on other objects based on these blocks given only an NTS or DLS location.


Challenges: Creation of a VGrid system to allow quick comparisons of complex geodetic systems like DLS and NTS.  Essentially reducing location finding to the comparison of two integers.

Primary Accomplishment:  The VGrid approach to grid logic negated the need for expensive GIS solutions when dealing with location based data.



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