Emergency Response Plan System (CNRL - 2002)

The ERP system at CNRL is a multi-user stand alone system with an Oracle backend and MS

Access front end.  The system is designed to enable the Company’s Emergency Response Team to gather and manage all information required by law for all of the company’s operated sites within one interface.  This includes the tracking of all communications with effected residents and businesses (surveys, mailouts, responses, concerns and complaints), facility diagrams and surrounding area maps, detailed site specs and compliance tracking. 


Challenges:  This system stores a large amount of personal and private data, as well as extensive lists of varied geographical data (address, surveys, facility plans, etc). A number of regulated documents needed to be generated, updated, and tracked using this data.  Reliable Access to Word automation procedures needed to be created.

Primary Accomplishment:  During the infancy of the ERP regulatory requirement I was able to impliment a system that laid the groundwork for future implimentations, while at the same time meeting all privacy requirements and internal data standards.  



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